Why we Love Pumpkin Seeds

Oh they're crunchy, nutty and chewy! Roasted, they taste even better than did earlier. And for me, so much of the eating happens with the eyes first... have you seen the color on them? It's a beautiful green. Uplifting and promising good well being. Pumpkin Seeds, are a true gem on earth and here's why.

Powerful Antioxidant A spoonful of Pumpkin Seeds can protect us from innumerable diseases. They have great antioxidant potential. These antioxidants help in reducing inflammation.

Protects us from Cancer

The antioxidants in Pumpkin Seeds also protects us from breast, prostate and gastric cancers. Improves Quality of Sleep

Amino acids present in Pumpkin Seeds help in inducing sleep. Good for Weight Loss Pumpkin Seeds are rich in protein and fibre. A handful of these can keep our tummies full for longer, hence reducing that extra munching and excess calorie intake. Good for Pregnancy

Pumpkin Seeds also have zinc in them. Zinc boosts immunity and helps in the growth of the baby.

Good for our Hair & Skin

Pumpkin Seeds make our skin wrinkle free and fights acne growth. Having these also improves the quality of our hair by making it softer, silkier and stronger.

So much to love in these joyful nutty crunchy seeds. Hope you turn into a Pumpkin Seed lover too! Happy Munching!

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