Why Refined Sugar isn't good for us & some Natural Alternatives to it

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Refined Sugar or what is known as white sugar is extracted from sugar cane plants . The process involves extraction of the sugar syrup from the plants, filtering it and then forming sugar crystals. That's the form we usually buy it in. They say refined/white sugar isn't the best for our body as its known to cause diabetes & obesity, to name a few. Sugar likes to fuel bad bacteria and so once its in our bodies, it feeds all microbes, the good and the bad. And we want to maintain a balance in there. Balance is good and as it turns out, Sugar, not so much!

But we all like sweet things, we crave that sugar high sometimes. It gives us that boost of energy when we're at our lowest doesn't it? Bad break ups = Tub Full of Ice cream, right? So, here's some natural alternatives that are sweet and wouldn't harm us in the long run. If there's one thing we've learnt these last few years is that we got nothing if we don't have a healthy body.

JAGGERY : Jaggery is an Indian sugar substitute that is is also extracted from sugar cane. Although it also comes from sugar cane, it still contains Molasses.

The molasses in jaggery reduces oxidative stress on the body. Adding Jaggery to tea or your cup of joe, adds this nice caramel flavour, if you ask me. Besides, it's known to be high in iron, so no more iron suppmlements.

COCONUT SUGAR : Coconut Sugar is extracted from the sap of flower of the coconut palm tree. Unlike the white sugar, it doesn't have any chemicals used to bleach it.

It contained potassium, magnesium and sodium which are essential for our bodies. It has beneficial vitamins and minerals that help with diabetes. So the goodness of Coconut Sugar makes it a wonderful substitute.

DATES : Dates are actually fruits from the date palm tree. They are yummy, full of good nutrients for the body. They also help being down the cholesterol levels and aid in digestion.

If you make your own plant based milk, add in some dates to the milk itself. Other than that, dates also make for a great substitute when making sweets or baking cookies. Simply make a date paste and add in your dough.

HONEY : Another wonderful & I got to say tasty alternative is Honey. It adds this depth of flavour to everything and is packed with nutritional benefits. That antioxidants found in honey help reducing the risk of heart diseases.

The only trouble these days with honey is finding the right kind. Alot of brands out there add sweetners to honey, so it's best to find organic brands. Well, because we should only take in the what's the best for our bodies.

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