The Healing Herbs

Very often we find ourselves struggling with stomach pains, bloating and gas. 8/10 times I'd say it's cause of eating too fast, having alot of fatty foods or even drinking & smoking too much. Most times we pop in medicines but did you know there's a secret fix to that indigestion on your kitchen shelves? Yes....the herbs!

Along with adding great taste and having a fantastic aroma... these herbs help in all kinds of tummy trouble.

Rosemary This special herb fixes digestive trouble in a jiffy. Adding Rosemary to your soups, salads helps as the herb smoothens our stomach muscles. You could also brew some Dried Rosemary with water and have a warm cup of that to aid in digestion.


This aromatic herb from the mint family, which is more potent when used dried is a stomach healer for sure. Having a warm cup of Marjoram Tea helps reduce inflammation and menstrual cramps.


Oregano, which is much like Marjoram also helps in relieving stomach pain. Oregano improves digestion by increasing the flow of bile in our digestive tracts. Use it as a garnish or steep some in boiling water to make warm tea to ease our your tummy.


Thyme is a popular herb that helps curing stomach issues. It smoothens the muscles in our intestinal tract and dispels gas. You could make a warm tea with 2 Tbsps of Thyme in boiling water to calm that upset tummy.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another calming herb that helps with bloating & stomach ailments. Drinking a warm cup of Lemon Balm tea works like a magic potion. It relieves the stomach from gas, indigestion or any kind of stomach pain.

So if you have a day of bloated tummy and uneasiness you can add these healing herbs to your diet or drink a cup of herbal tea. It works like magic... and in no time, you feel heaps better!

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