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Spinach-salami bake

Are you bored of your regular dinner but hate spending tedious hours prepping for something else ? Worry not! BOH brings you a quick one pot meal that will not just renew your palate, but also work well for your time.

Spinach-salami bake

Ingredients –

  • 110gms boiled spinach

  • 110gms chicken salami

  • 1 red chilli (split)

  • 1 tsp fresh cream

  • 1 tsp BOH Peri-Peri Powder

  • 1 tsp BOH Cheese Powder

  • Salt as needed

  • 1/2 cup water

Preparation –

Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and cook till your salami is cooked . You can put cheese slice on top and bake it in an oven for 10 mins.

Plate it in a bowl of your choice. Grate some parmesan or cheddar cheese. Serve it with some garlic bread or a cheese cracker and enjoy this scrumptious meal with your friends and family.

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