Pumpkin Soup For The Soul

I'm not a fan of Pumpkin, but I tried it in a soup once and since then, it's literally my favourite way to eat this healthy veggie.

And personally, I like making things which are easy but also yum.... Read along and make this healthy, easy and delicious bowl of soup for your loved ones cus nothing warms the heart like a nice bowl of soup.


  • Pumpkin 500 gms

  • Onions 2 Medium Sized

  • Water 1 Cup

  • Coconut Milk 3/4 Cup

  • Garlic Powder 5 Tbsp

  • Smoked Paprika 3 Tbsp

  • Cheese Powder 1 Tbsp

  • Spring Onions. 1 (or as per your liking)

  • Green Chilli 1


Step 1 In a pot, put in the Pumpkin (sliced in cubes), Onions and Water and let it cook for about 20 minutes.

Step 2

Once it's done, blitz in up using a hand mixer or an immersion blender. It'll become like a puree. Strain it.

Step 3

Once strained, add in your Coconut Milk, Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder and Green Chilli.

Step 4

Now, with spices, it's all about what you'd like more. For me, I like this one with heaps of the Smoked Paprika zing since the Pumpkin is quite sweet otherwise. I like how the chilli adds heat to it too.

Once it's done, garnish with some fresh Spring Onions and a dash of the Cheese Powder. Enjoy this lovely soup with some Garlic Butter Toasts!

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