Magic Masala Cheese Toasts

Life is magical. There's magic in everything around us at all times. I truly believe that. And there's days when this feeling sprouts up when I'm eating something delish too. It makes me think - how, just how is a piece of bread with cheese, some veggies and a cup of coffee so yum. Well, I like to think Magic Masala - is one truly magical thing. Well, cus it certainly makes life magical, doesn't it?'s incomplete without it! Made cheese toasts - another favourite from the good old childhood days.


  • Sliced Bread 2 Slices

  • Cheese Spread 2 Tbsp

  • Parmesan Cheese how much ever you'd like - nothing like too much cheese ;)

  • Pumpkin Seeds 1 Tbsp

  • Magic Masala 1 Tbsp

  • Tomatoes 1/2 (chopped)

  • Onions 1/2 (chopped)


Step 1 Spread some Cheese Spread on the bread. Sprinkle some chopped Tomato & Onion.

Step 2

Add some Parmesan Cheese and Magic Masala on top.

Step 3

Cook the bread in a pan, till they're toasts - as toasty as you'd like them to be (: Step 4 Sprinkle some Pumpkin Seeds , make yourself a nice brew of coffee and Enjoy!

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