How My Relationship With Food Has Evolved...

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Growing up I was a very fussy eater, I didn't enjoy my greens and more often that not, I flushed that glass of morning milk. Over time though, my relationship with food has changed. Now, I look forward to cooking yummy things for myself & eating it with all my heart. You know what changed this though? I started finding what foods gave me most joy. Because, life is too short to waste it on things we don't like. And the same goes for food I guess, so now I only eat what's really tasty. And no I don't mean junk tasty- I mean healthy & tasty. Win - win right? For the mind, body and the soul! Here's how I fell in love with food, not just food, healthy food & you can too....

1. Eating Raw Veggies

Vegetables tend to lose a bit of their original flavour when cooked. And as it turns out, some lose their nutritional value too.

Veggies taste so much nicer when we eat them fresh and raw. They are juicy and delish! My go to veggie these days is the Red Cabbage. I have been fermenting it and making a Sauer-Kraut. Which I have to say, has been my favourite discovery. It such a treat to have that on the side of absolutely any thing and of course, it is yummy and so so good for our digestion.

2. Smoothies

Last summer, I fell in love with blending veggies & fruits to turn them into yummy smoothies.

And this one, unlike the milk during school days, I didnt want to flush, I wanted to have it all and then some more.

My favourite so far has been Avocado, Banana with Cacao powder in Oats Milk. And I usually top it up with BOHChia Seeds & Chopped Almonds. Nutrition packed in a big glass of greens. (Or this this case, green camouflaged in chocolate)

3. Finding the right kind of Spice Mix I was someone who couldn't tolerate spices in my food. The food was always cooked with little to no spices.

But that changed, when I discovered the BOHMagic Masala. It's a bit of spice but also this hint of sweetness, which I totally love. It has become my go-to for almost everything I cook these days. Whether its a basic Gobi Aloo with Parathe or a bowl of Pasta, the BOHMagic Masala is the new best bud. I still sometimes choose to sautée some without anything. But a bit of spice never hurt anyone!

4. Eating Sweets is not a Sin anymore

You know as a child when the elders share their wisdom about good food we tend to push it aside. We load up on those chocolates and more often that not, don't brush after midnight munching either. Well, I was that kid. I sometimes had chocolates for lunch too. When I grew up though, I figured these aren't so good for me, at least not in the way I was consuming them. We all like a little sweet once in a while, some more than others. I knew I had to find a way to keep chocolates in my life without feeling a load of guilt every time I ate them.

And that happened when I discovered Dark Chocolate. They say we all must eat at least

1 -2 cubes of dark chocolate everyday. This goodness has so many minerals and nutrients & reduces the risk of heart diseases. And, that was that. Now I only eat Dark Chocolates and desserts usually made with Dates and I got to say I couldn't be happier.

Many many years later, I can finally say, I love food. Ah no, I love good, healthy food and I found a way to make it tasty. I don't eat everything thats healthy or good for us. Just picked my favourites from the lot and let food become a friend again. Now my taste buds and my body, both are happy & healthy!

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