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Home remedies for sore-throat

A sore throat is something most of us encounter with in our life . Even the most careful ones have trouble with it . The best solution for it is a visit to your doctor , but it becomes especially difficult when it affects you in the most inconvenient time. For those especially difficult times , home remedies is your one way ticket out of the misery. Here are a few ways how you can tackle sore throat even at the comfort of your home.


Licorice root is one of the most effective ways to make your way out of a sore throat situation. It is known to be particularly potent when it's mixed with water for a gargling solution. Use this solution on a daily basis for most effectiveness.


Also known as the miracle liquid , apple cider vinegar has innumerable benefits. One of them is it's fast action on cold and other infection causing germs. Gargling a solution with diluted apple cider vinegar is known to do wonders for someone with a cold. It's acidic nature also breaks down the mucus and gives you relief. However it is always recommended to consume enough water after using apple cider vinegar.


One of the most easily available and tastiest remedy to help with your sore throat. We have often seen our elders giving us honey when we catch a cold. Research shows that due to honey's potent antimicrobial properties it is very useful in cases of cold and cough . Use one tablespoon of honey in your tea or douse it with holy basil and see the difference for yourself.


Chamomile tea is known to work extremely well for cold and cough. It's dried flowers release soothing effects , helps in decreasing inflammation and relieves throat construction .It is therefore a perfect home made cure for sore throat and stubborn cold.


Thyme is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A and natural thyme essential oil is often used as a cough medication in many parts of the world.It is a natural disinfectant and therefore works well for anyone suffering from infections or cold and cough.

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