Herbs & Spices That Boost Immunity

Everytime I begin watching the news, it's depressing and scary.... COVID cases are on a rise and everything's just worse than before.

While we are taking all the precautions it doesn't hurt to do a bit more and make sure we stay healthy and fit.... So get vaccinated, work from home & eat good.

Here's a list of herbs and spices that will help you to boost your immunity to fight the virus.. so add them to your diet and give yourself a better chance to stay safe.

Cinnamon Cinnamon is a lovely spice that adds a delicious flavour to everything. It's often used while baking or sometimes in black tea. It's also known to be on top when compared with other superfoods to protect your body.


Parsley is a super impressive herb that is low in calories but helps in boosting the immune system. The anti oxidants in Parsley help improve overall health and immunity of our bodies. It also improves liver and kidney health and provides nutrition.


Thyme is another wonderful herb as it adds great flavour to food and has some amazing benefits. It is packed with vitaminA and vitaminC which help in increasing your immunity and can cure a sore throat in a jiffy.


Every time someone fell and hurt themselves, our elders would tell us to drink a glass of Haldi and Doodh(Milk).... and boy were they right.... Turmeric is this magical spice that removes toxins from our body and boosts immunity.


Neem is another wonderful superfood that strengthens our immune system. Its anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties are very effective in keeping us safe.

Having a healthy diet with all the goodness of herbs and spices is something that will help us get stronger.... but it's not all....so do what you got to do to feel better.

The news is overwhelming and the Virus is scary but don't let that fear get to you.... find ways to cope with the stress and make sure you stay safe. Eat Well, Sleep well and Breathe....this too shall pass!

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