Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

Oh we love a good sauce! It adds this extra little touch to a good dish and makes it even better. Now, having a sauce made from a vegetable makes me really happy cus who said healthy food can't be tasty. Growing up Kaddu (or pumpkin) was a vegetable I couldn't get myself to eat. But since a few years now, I've grown to realise how versatile it really is. This pumpkin sauce is perfect to add on to your grilled veggies, or toss some pasta in... so read along and make a batch for yourself too.


  • Pumpkin 500gms

  • Red Bell Pepper 1

  • Milk 1/2 Cup

  • Garlic 4-5 cloves

  • Magic Masala 2 Tbsp

  • Oil 1 Tbsp

  • Salt 1 Tsp


Step 1 Heat some Oil in a pan. Add in your Cloves, chopped Bell Pepper and chopped, peeled and diced Pumpkin. Let it cook. You'll know its cooked when the pumpkin is mash-able.

Step 2

Once it's cooked and has cooled down, blend it in a mixer/blender and make a puree.

Step 3

Add in some Milk, Salt, Magic Masala and whip it up. Your sauce is ready to serve!

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