Chia Seeds Smoothie Bowl

If you are in love with Berries, behold the beauty of berries with health. Add Chia Seeds, and you have the best Berry Smoothie Ever!

Recipe by: FlavorsWithCilantro

“In terms of nutritional content, a tablespoon of chia is like a smoothie made from salmon, spinach, and human growth hormone. As tiny as those seeds are, they’re superpacked with Omega-3s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber and antioxidants.” -Van Zandt

Chia Seeds Smoothie Bowl


  • BOH Chia Seeds 2 tbsp

  • Almonds 6

  • Walnuts Handful

  • Almond milk 2 cups

  • Honey 2 tbsp

  • Strawberry & Raspberry 1/2 cup



In blender, add 1 cup milk, dried nuts & honey. (Blend)


Add in soaked BOH Chia Seeds (with milk). Top it with berries.

Note : soak 2tbsp BOH Chia Seeds in 1 cup of milk for 1 hour before using it for the smoothie bowl

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