CARBS: Worth it or not?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Weight loss and weight gain both affect your body considerably. Many people control their weight to avoid issues like fatty liver, cholesterol, heart problems. As is common knowledge now, complex fats are not the cause of cholesterol and body fat. The food which have simple fats and carbohydrates increase the in calories count. Dieticians recommend a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. This is because proteins take longer to convert into simpler sugars. During their digestion, they release a lot of energy and also help in fulfilling your appetite. By the time they develop into sugars, they get removed from the body. But are carbs that bad for our health? Let us find out!

Carbohydrate: Macro or Micro

When we talk about which foods to avoid, we say bread, sweets and cakes have the most carbs and thus, advise avoiding them. These foods have a high-calorie value and, increase the cholesterol level in the body if consumed However, carbohydrates are not limited to sweets and bread. Carbohydrates are macronutrients found in almost every food item. When it comes to the breakdown of carbohydrates, complex carbs like grains and pulses take more time to break down and release more energy, thus not adding to cholesterol. While simple carbs like processed sugars, cakes, bread, etc. take less time to digest, release less energy and get immediately stored as cholesterol in our body.

Carbohydrates: Always bad?

– As discussed earlier, complex carbs take more time to digest. It is because they contain fibre which requires a lot of water for digestion.They give us more energy and less deposition of fats in the body. Simple fats, on the other hand, do not contain any fibre, and, thus, increase the cholesterol levels in the body.

Carbs can only make you fat – Wrong!

Carbs containing fibres are complex carbs. These fibres help retain an optimum level of water in the body and also help in the removal of toxins which includes cholesterol. Many nutritionists suggest that complex carbs like bajra, jowar, flax seeds even help people lose weight.

Carbs are sugars & sugars are carbs?

Every fruit which has fibre and is sweet has carbohydrates. These carbs are complex and do not harm the body. Added sugars, on the other hand, do no good and only increase the cholesterol of the body.

Carbs & Gluten

Gluten is many a time linked to the added fat in our body. It is necessary to know that gluten is a protein that is available in many grains and also many types of meat. Thus, unless a person is gluten intolerant, there is no reason to avoid it. Gluten is present inevitably in all food products. It is hard avoid and unnecessary too.

Food coma: Oh no!

Many times after a plate full of your favourite Rajma Chawal, you might feel a little dizzy, and might even want a nap. Rice contains carbohydrates, but it does not contribute towards your nap issues! Top factors contributing to dizziness after sleep are overeating, protein intake and salt intake. So if you take more than you eat normally, eat enough proteins to fill up your tummy or even more sodium than required. Your chances of slipping into food coma are more in comparison to actually gaining fat from it.

Carbs to avoid before and after workout sesh?

Eat a bowl of sprouts one hour before your workout session. Take proteins after workout no matter what, to give energy back to the muscles.

Proteins >>> Carbs

It is a misconception that proteins are more important than carbs and, carbs are avoidable in a diet. In many kinds of research, it proves that proteins are essential in the diet, but we cannot avoid carbohydrates. All macronutrients are significant to the body. You would not want to lose weight along with your body’s nutrition. So to survive, we do need carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates in excess may increase your weight, but they are not avoidable. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight based on cutting off carbs from your diet, it might be a bad idea. To lose fat, you can include organic food and a balanced diet along with regular exercise.

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