Breakfast-in-bed Tortillas

A nicely wrapped Tortilla and a bottle of Vietnamese Coffee to go with it.... what a lovely start to the day. When you miss travelling and food is the one way to feel like you're in a different country.... what do you do? You Eat Mexican & Vietnamese food for breakfast! Scroll along to make this delicious & dare I say, super healthy Tortilla Wrap!


  • Tortilla Wrap Sheets 2 Sheets (I used Salsalito, feel free to buy any brand)

  • Tofu (sliced) 1 Cup

  • Red Cabbage 2 Leaves

  • Guacamole 3 Tbsps

  • Onions (chopped) 1 Medium

  • Salt 1 Tsp

  • Magic Masala 1 Tsp


Step 1 Prepare the filling for the wrap by sautéing Tofu with Onion,Salt and Magic Masala.

Step 2

Heat the Tortilla Sheet in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds.

Step 3

Spread Guacamole on the Tortilla sheet. Place the Red cabbage leaves. Add in the Tofu filling & wrap it up.

Step 4

Heat it on the Tawa if you like it crispy. Add some more Magic Masala on the side and enjoy your protein filled Tortilla!

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