Bag Of Herbs Pesto Sauce Pasta

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If you want a tangy tasting pasta with the health quotient of green veggies, while enjoying what pasta really stands for, try the Bag Of Herbs Pesto Sauce Pasta.

"I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size zero." - Sophia Loren

Pesto Sauce Pasta

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

Serves 4


For the Sauce:

1. Fresh Basil Leaves 3 cups

2. Chopped Walnuts 1 cup

3. Garlic 4 cloves

4. Grated Parmesan Cheese ½ cup

5. Olive Oil 1 cup

6. Salt To taste

7. Crushed Black Pepper To taste

8. Pine Nuts ½ cup

For Pasta:

1. Spaghetti Pasta 300 gms

2. Water 5 cups

3. Salt ½ teaspoon

4. Diced Red Pepper ½ cup

5. Diced Mushrooms ½ cup

6. BOH Parsley ½ teaspoon

7. Olive Oil 3 teaspoon


Step1: In a food processor, blend together, the basil leaves, walnuts and pine nuts, garlic and cheese. Pour the olive oil slowly to maintain consistency and add the salt and pepper.

Step2: In a pan, boil the pasta in water, and add olive oil and salt.

Step 3.

In another pan, heat some olive oil, and saute the red pepper and mushrooms over the freshly processed pesto sauce. Add the boiled pasta and garnish with some BOH Parsley. Serve with garlic bread.

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