Bag Of Herbs Mashed Potatoes

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

For the healthiest and creamiest sides to go with almost any dish and any gravy prepare some Mashes Potatoes and make your meal healthier!

"I always remind people from outside our state that there's plenty of room for all Alaska's animal- right next to the mashed potatoes" - Sarah Palin

Mashed Potatoes

Preparation time 20 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

Serves 2


1. Potatoes 3

2. Milk 1 cup

3. Butter 1 tablespoon

4. Garlic 3 cloves

5. Water 2 cups

6. BOH Rosemary 1 teaspoon

7. BOH Thyme ½ teaspoon

8. Garlic 3 cloves

9. Salt To taste


Step1: Boil the potatoes and peel the skin. Dice the potatoes into cubes.

Step2: In another pan, saute finely chopped garlic with some BOH Rosemary. Remove BOH Rosemary with a sieve once the garlic turns golden brown and pour over the potatoes.

Step3: Add the milk and mash the liquid potatoes with a potato masher to achieve creamy consistency. Sprinkle BOH Thyme on top and serve it hot.

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